Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2nd is the Groundhog Day!

Today I feel inspired to prepare a really nerdy post, because I do every February 2nd... and this blog deserves some useful knowledge!

I hope many of you have seen the movie with Bill Murray, it is a real classic from the 80 but at least in Spain, very conviniently with the main topic of the movie, it is aired every now and then.

Well, let's leave Bill Murray and the plot of the movie aside, because we will focus in Phil the Groundhog, the most famous inhabitant of Punxsutawney (our dear Chair is happy it is a village in the USA, so there is no risk of having to pronounce AEGEE-Punxsutawney during the roll calls of the Agora).

This animal is believed to have superpowers and is able to predict how the weather will behave in the next months. If when he steps out of his burrow he is able to see his shadow, this means that there will be 6 more weeks of winter. In case there is no shadow he can see, there will be an early spring.

So, I guess you are curious to see what happened today... You can watch the 12 minutes video: here

But for those of you who have better things to do that looking at crazy people in top hats giving dramatic discourses in front of an overweiht,  puzzled animal, I will tell you: Phil could not see his shadow, so he predicted an early Spring. I can see you all with a big smile, dreaming on a sunny Alicante during the Agora, packing sunscreen and swimsuits, already deciding which plennaries to skip to go to the beach... I am sorry I will have to turn down that festive spirit. Serious research has determined the accuracy of Phil's predictions and the results are clear: he is right just in 39% of the years... So better start preparing some interesting workshops or start writing important proposals for prytannia, because a big grey rainy cloud will cover Alicante from April 27th till 30th. I predicted it by flipping a coin, so it should be more accurate than Phil's forecast!

All in all... Happy Groundhog day to you all!!

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  1. Chair Team is actually dealing with too many un-pronounceable locals already! Please leave us alone :DDDD


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