Monday, January 17, 2011

100 days. It's the final countdown!

Dear AEGEE friends, this is the first entry of the English version of the Spring AGORA Alicante 2011 blog. On these 100 days you will have the opportunity of stay updated on AGORA preparations, discover some inside secrets of our great event and meet our even greater team.

100 days ahead, some more days behind... Many tasks already fulfilled, so many more still in the to-do list. It is not an easy way, but our motivation is high!

We know most of you may be now with the mind more in a cold place like Riga, waiting for the EBM that will happen in some weeks. We are also really looking forward to this great event and we want to send AEGEE-Riga all our support and energy! But we have a plan: to have a post every day (ambitious!). 100 days, 100 posts. Will we manage? I recommend you to add this blog in your favourites or add the RSS feed!

Please send comments and help us enriching the blog with different points of view. This has to be interactive and the Network needs to become a part of it

Miguel Gallardo,
on behalf of Agora Alicante Team


  1. Good luck dear AEGEE-Alicante and see you soon in cold Riga ;)


  2. so cool! thank you guys for keeping this blog so updated, dynamic and enthusiastic!


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