Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breaking news: Emmys nominations !!!!

As some of you may know, April 25th is the judging ballots return deadline for the emmys awards. As we'll be pretty busy with organizational stuff and you will be already printing your tickets to come, we want to give you some exclusive information we have about the awards. Here we go:
  • Best 1st day of the Agora to: "Friends"
'Because it represents perfectly the atmosphere of friendship and comradeship that we have the first day in every Agora' 
  • Best 2nd day of the Agora to: "Lost

'The touching series about a group of friends lost in the University of Alicante, trying to find where is the room of the prytannium and the timetable for dinner is' 
  • Best 3rd day of the Agora to: "How I met your mother

'The story about how a great love was born during the few days that a guy met a girl in an Agora, and how this love story evolved in short time' 
  • Best 4rd day of the Agora to: "The walking dead

'Terrific series about dozens of Young Europeans which, at the end of an Agora in Alicante, turn into zombies with no energies' 
 But of course these are just the winners, we had many other nominations such as: 
  •  "The IT crowd": To the ITC for being such an adorable bunch of geeks 
  • "Ally McBeal": To the JC and its controversial decisions
  • "The big bang theory": To all the participants in prytannia 
  • "The golden girls": To Olivier, Theijs and Gunnar 
  • "The A-Team": To Agora Alicante's crew 
  • "The Sopranos": To CD and his communication policy 
  • "Heroes": To all those who give 100% in parties and the next day they are working hard in prytannia and plennaries 
  • "Desesperate housewifes": To the organizers the day right after Agora
  • "Prison break": To all those who will try to escape from plennaries to go to the beach (don't even try...) 
  • "Dexter": To that unfortunate mate who discover there is no toilet paper in the toilets... after he's used it.... 
  • "CSI": To the organisers who find suspicious fluids in the gym 
  • "Mad men": To the CD candidates 
  • "Unhappily ever after": To those who lose in the votes 
  • "6 feet under": To the proposals of Thomas and Michi after Agora Istanbul 
  • "The office": To the CD house 
  • "The west wing": To the spanish, portuguese and french antennae 
  • "House M.D.": For all the people who fall sick after every statutory meeting. It is not lupus.
  • "Modern Family": To every AEGEE member...
 We hope you enjoyed these series as much as we do. Do you think there is any series missed?

                         Post by Juanola

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