Sunday, March 27, 2011

Agora Alicante at the NWM Granada

We have just arrived home, from the amazing NWM in Granada! Being the first NWM that has been organized following the new guidelines set up by the NetworkCommision, it was quite a great surprise :) that the program ran so smoothly.

It looked sometimes like a dream. Participants were active members in their antennae, and they contributed with their own experience and best practices. You could see antennae debating the meaning of the proposals, asking questions about who is who in the candidates list, going through the program of an Agora to explain what will be happening at any time and where they can contribute the most.

Now I am simply exhausted. But happy.

Thank you AEGEE-Granada, you did a great work! I hope this event multiplies your motivation!
Thank you NetCom (assistant) Luis for coordinating the NWM, with support of NetCom Lucille.
Thank you AEGEE-Alicante for joining me on the trip to Granada.
Thank you Academy for helping us!
Thank you to all the participants of the NWM for their participation and contribution!

And special thanks to the External Agora Organizers that came also to Granada: Guille from AEGEE-Barcelona, Antonio and Coral from AEGEE-Madrid, Soraya from AEGEE-Coruña. You are real good!

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