Monday, March 7, 2011


This is the number of applications we have received for our Agora. We lacked just 25 people to reach the magic number of 1000! But well, looking on the positive side, there will be then 25 people less that wil not have the chance to come to Agora Alicante. Because, my friends, there are just 700 places for participants, so this means that there is quite many people that we cannot have with us. No matter how much we would like to welcome you all here in Alicante, the capacity of our resources is limited and there is not much we can do. University of Alicante has already been really kind when giving us the posibility to use the Sport Center for hosting you.

Now, dear boards, don't forget to look at the list of applicants from your antenna, and rank them according to the following criteria:

Who can contribute more to the Agora?
Who will get more from the Agora?
Who deserves more to have the opportunity to come to the Agora?

Or just in one question... Who wants to come to the Agora? (and Who wants to come just to Alicante?)

Then, the Chair will have the unpleasant task to decide... so validate the applications ASAP and make their work easy!

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