Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet the team: Javi


Javipedia as seen in his FB profile

Member of AEGEE since 2009-03-30
Board 2009-2010

Predecessor Raúl Avilés Poblador
SuccessorMiguel García Soria, Mike Costa I

Real name Javier Gómez Sierra
Other nicknames known Javipedia, jgomsi
Born 3rd February in Alicante
Favourite sport Handball (female)
First AEGEE event
(as participant)
 Heidelberg / Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Köln (SU Heidelberg 2009) - From 17th July to 2nd August

First AEGEE event
(as organiser)
AQF (Acho Que Finde)
Job in Agora IT

Personal Life

Javipedia (Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, 1980) was president of AEGEE Alicante during 2010. Known as one of the best guides for the beautiful city of Alicante, he is known as Javipedia due to his huge knowledge about AEGEE.

It's well known by all the organisers of Agora Alicante that the questions he makes help us to become more AEGEE wise. From "Which was the antenna of the first Spaniard president of AEGEE Europe?"[1] to "List all the places where the statutory events have been held", his amazing knowledge always has astonished all his friends in parties and meetings.

Also, as the good IT he's, he is one of the main responsibles of the website of the Agora, and the person behind the IPP (Internet Payment Platform) that many of the participants of Agora are using to pay the fees and confirm the participation skipping high commissions for bank transfers.

Another of his characteristics is his love for taking care of the smallest details (some people could think he's a bit fusspot, but he just truly wants to make things easier to everyone). The descriptions that he makes are long, but without space for doubt!

Reliability of a robot, his use of the different mailing list is such an example on how to handle different email addresses without a single mistake[2].

Last, but not least, he's known by Juanola as "GRANDE" ("big" in spanish) not due to his size, but to the size of his heart. Not a single bit of rage known up to date, even upon high stress situations.[3]

[1] AEGEE Madrid
[2] There is controversy still on a email he sent to the general mailing list of the Agora instead into the merchandising one on Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 1:04 PM. It seems like he had failed miserably, but some rumors say he did it on purpose.
[3] As certified my Miguel that has gone through volcanoes and other crisis with him.

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