Sunday, February 13, 2011

Meet the team: Miguel

Hello again, dear Agora followers, you can use “the first time I met Miguel” to start a chat during our agora free time, it is a good way to break the ice!
  • Juan: I remember the first time I met Miguel! He was coming as an expert of Enviromental WG. I had heard many stories about how great he was but I've never expected what I found... I don't know how, but he has this charm that makes you love him from the very first moment, don't you think?
  • Carol: I met him during last weekend of Alicante-SU’09. I checked out the pics to Alicante’s website to get the organizers' face, and when I arrived the fist smile that I see was Miguel’s. But it was the only thing that I could recognize from him. He was completely covered under black hair (long hair and beard) too much hair! But it was on purpose. Next night, during a party with the participants he suddenly disappeared and when he returned, guess what? Nobody could recognize him. He had cut all this hair and shaved the beard, and he looked like a Buddhist ! Hahaha, hilarious!. This is a Miguel’s traditional joke. He does the same every SU, and he enjoys the participants' reaction! Hahaha, this year he did again, and even for me it was a shock!
  • Juan: Yeah, and his life is like a neverending book, where you are reading more and more chapters, and every chapter amazes you more than the others. Once, he told me about a "small" convention where he was working as volunteer, and he asked me to go with him... when I arrived there, I found out it was a convention full of Nobel prizes and ex-prime ministers giving lectures for free to the students... and it was his 5th year there as organizer!!!
  • Carol: haha, you know what? he also called me to go to this “small” convention, I’m still regretting because I didn’t go. Yes, with Miguel everything can be possible. What can you expect from a person living in morocco sharing a modest house with a berber family, without running water and even without glasses in the windows, while during the day he is looking for the extinct leopard in the mountains?
  • Juan: yes... I just can say that I hope one day I could be like Miguel... and if I get lost in a desert island I hope he'll be with me or I won't survive! :DD
  • Carol: hahaha, yes I know what you mean, I agree with you Juan!!
Everybody knows Miguel so what else can we say about him? There is not enough post to talk about. Just add that is a pleasure work with him. Always full of energy and nice ideas, my dear redacteitor (the way I use to call him, although writing all kind of applications and projects and documents is just one of his skills) is my right hand and the agora team would not be the same without him. 

PS: Sorry but this great guy is not single; yes, I can read your mind!! Hahahaha.

Post by Juanola & Carol


  1. I vote for new Agora Alicante video: How I met Miguel :)

  2. I've met Miguel on EBM in Krakow 2010. , haven't known him that time president of my local and me were asking him to help us to apply for one project , if Aegee-Alicante could be partner to Aegee-Nis on that project .....He said immediately yes , and did everything what he could to help us what i can say for that man this enough to describe what kind of person he is ...
    Thx Miguel for everything! :-)


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