Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Know Alicante University: MUA

Alicante University has several secret spots into the campus, but one of them is really amazing because it is at the same time a visual reference and a hidden treasure. I am talking of my favourite area in the Campus, and I sometimes feel guilty when I feel happy being there alone, whilte it should be without any doubt one of the most visited points of the Campus. So I am trying now to atone for my previous greed by sharing all my likes of this jewel of University of Alicante heritage.

MUA means Museum of University of Alicante.

Why do I like it so much?

a) The Building: elegantly combining raw materials like water, wood, concrete and metal, its brave architecture assured the young architect Alfredo Payá  international recognision. Known as "The Music Box", you will have to visit the museum to discover its intervowen spaces, the calmness of its open areas, the secrets of its corridors. Its position in an empty space surrounded by water determines its relationship with the public, somehow iconic but somehow also needing a deliberate wish to go there, as nobody ends up in the MUA by accident.

b) The Exhibitions: the program of the museum is dedicating attention to Alicante and the world, to every possible art discipline. I have enjoyed several breathtaking photoexhibitions, and felt strange emotions with some video-art projections.

c) The Concept: The University decided to invest in art, to contribute to every face of the human being. And it did it with a project of a young architech, a risky building that causes an impression to every visitor. And it continues the compromise with the choice of a comprehensive programme far from conventionalisms.

And of course, there are nice memories I associate to this museum; moments on my own or enjoyed with special people who shared this secret.

Definitely, something worth to visit on your next Agora, a proposed plan for early newcomers on wednesday (sorry, it closes on Sundays). I just wrote to confirm it will be open on Agora dates.

(pictures taken from Fernando Prieto's blog Linkalicante)

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  1. Confirmed: the museum will be open all days of the Agora


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