Sunday, February 27, 2011

EBM has finished... now it is Full Agora time!

We don't feel the pressure... now it is our time... we can do it...

The EBM has brilliantly concluded, and the EBM gir... EBM Team did a superb job! Not only they managed to provide AEGEE with a perfect framework for developing the programme, but they did also everything with a big smile on their faces! And even more, they were always available for us to answer questions (and believe me, we had many things to ask; Carol filled several pages of her Agora Notebook with ideas and details to check in detail once we arrive home). Also the CD, the chair team and AEGEE-Istanbul were always ready for discuss organization of the Agora, that will be open in 2 months!!

However, even us as Agora team deserved some rest after an extremely demanding EBM, so we took a day off to enjoy the city. When we will download the pictures. you will have details of how much we enjoyed the sunny Sunday in Riga. Now it is time to go to sleep... a bed in a nice hostel is waiting for us!

It was great to see you (those who could came to Riga) and feel all your support!!

                      The Agora Team

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