Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet the team: Juanola

In Agora Alicante we have been able to create a team with amazing people from our antenna, and the icing on the cake are our Guest Organizers coming from different locals.

I want to use this post to introduce you to Juanola. Maybe some of you already know him, as he is currently Project Manager of Where Does Europe End? project (WDEE). But for those of you who know him, here will come some random facts about him.

First time I met him he was already main organizer of AEGEE-Oviedo's SUperaction 3 (they organise GREEN SU and they asked EnWG for support, so I "had to go" there as guest speaker in 2008; it was so great that I repeated in 2009). I was quite surprised because in 2008 he was not there yet, and 12 months later he was leading the team. Even more impressive, they achieved the Best SU Award in 2009!

He has worked hard in local level, but very soon he started being tempted by European Teams... He has a true vocation for European Level with a focus on content; and recently his training skills have been discovered, being one of the most active trainers in South Europe for NWMs and LTCs.

Having him at Agora Alicante makes me feel good! He came to help me at Campus de Excelencia 2009 and it was a great experience. I know Agora will be the same... 1000 times more intense!


PS1: He is a great photographer and moreover, his facebook profile pictures are usually very funny!

PS2: He came to our Team Meeting "The TRAP"... but that is a different story that maybe he will want to share himself!

PS: Do you like his picture with Agora Badge? 


  1. Projects Director or Project Manager? :)

  2. Beside Juan is an active member of AEGEE at the European level, when u meet him , your life will be enriched for one more great person life certainly is :-))

    Anita ,i am not sure, but i think Miguel said it correctly....Director is a higher position, has authority under the managers as well, Juan is main-coordinator of one project team WDEE, so he has to be Project Manager... maybe u know it better , but these i said according to my experience in PM:-))

  3. Hey I just corrected it after Anita's tightly pointed out that a mistake had slipped from my fingers...


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