Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreaming about the Agora

Organizing an Agora is something that really keeps your mind busy 100% of the time. Not only the main coordinators, but the whole team is experiencing this. Sitting down to study and finding yourself trying to identify new potential partners; get on the bus and starting to think about the design of the t-shirt; walking in the university campus and imagine where you can put the big Agora banner... We are Agora Mode: ON and nothing can stop us!

But the worst thing is when you are tired after a long day, you finally arrive to your bed, and when you manage to catch some sleep... you find yourself dreaming about the Agora! It happens often that the dreams are some kind of crisis, a small nightmare, like the one I dreamt last night: when we arrived with the whole group of participants to the Gym (where we will sleep during the Agora) and I found it already occupied by another group of people!!  I certainly prefer when I dreamt that, for the opening ceremony, Shakira was the guest star!



  1. I also dreamt of Shakira this week, we happened to be really good friends and even had one friend in common from my childhood...

    And all because of a comment of a teacher, I guess...

    Beware, Shakira is around!

    If your already dreaming of it, it means that you are keeping it so to the detail that it'll be incredible, but try to keep relaxed too, you'll have time to be stressed in some months :D

  2. Hahaha, dreaming about Shakira... nice Miguel, very nice :))

    Well, I can perfectly understand you with those comments about seeing AGORA all around. Exactly with banners for example, or the t-shirt design... I'm all the time "Agora MODE ON" as well, like a radar, and sometimes I got surprised myself because of my own thoughts :)

    Let's take it easy, everything's gonna be alright, alright........ (Bob Marley's style)

  3. Shakira ? i would prefer Belen really :D

    my dream about the Agora is one and will be true -> because AEGEE-Alicante is increible :D

  4. Wojteeeeeek! come back to us!!!!!! hahahaha


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