Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hunting at FITUR

Couple of days ago, Lía went hunting in FITUR, the International Fair on Tourism that took place in Madrid. We even got Lía a pass for the professional days of the Fair, and she mingled with the people in suits and ties!

Lía was there to find new sponsors, partners, ideas... The final results of the trip are still to be seen in the next days, when the company cards are transformed into emails that get positive answers... But I have to say that we are very optimistic, and proud of the idea we had, because in one same building we reached many interesting companies and institutions, and they were all there open to network (what is not often the case). It was funny to see their faces when they realised that I was representing a Student NGO! But as said before, I have the impression that some of the contacts we made will be very beneficial for the AGORA.

Time will show if I am right or wrong.


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  2. at least it is very beneficial own experience!
    good luck!

  3. I definitely trust on your "impression" so that's why I believe we will be lucky :)

    Just in case, I still cross my fingers!


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