Sunday, January 30, 2011

Team working 2.0

The main tools for organizing an Agora are words. Communication is the key, as you have to create a team, you need to prepare a project, you need to convince a lot of people, you need to listen to many stories, you need to solve conflicts... so it is all based on communication. Even this same blog is just a big pile of words, more or less nicely arranged!

I am sure any team manager who has ever organized such a big project will agree with me. As an example, we all remember the Agora Istanbul team, which stayed interconnected all the Agora period with their walkie-talkies. Wewould like to have for Agora Alicante the same cool gadget (and their wonderful team motivaion), together with the electrical golf caddies of University of Alicante :D We are now working on that point on our FR campaign.

Besides words, the new resources online allow collaborative work when there is a problem of differences on time or space. Mailing lists, skype, google docs, facebook, are just some of the most basic ones, yet truly useful. Organizing an agora without them seems to me an even more gigantic task. So, my congratulations to all antennae who organized Agorae before 2005... Respect to the 1.0 generation (and earlier).

Agora Alicante team

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  1. Just one word (and a smile to make it nicer)

    Respect :)


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