Sunday, April 17, 2011

Party Time!

Every Agora has its secrets: it is time to unveil the so-called Social Program! (updated on Aprul 22nd)

Wednesday 27th: PROM PARTY

Who has never dreamed on joining one of these Prom Parties that we have seen in so many TV series and high school movies? With its King and Queen of the party, the muscled quarterback, the nerd with the laboratory outfit, the gang of rappers, the hot Chair-leaders, and everybody nicely dressed (after the Opening Ceremony in a fancy auditorium, you will be already suited up). Of course, there will be surprises, we want this night to be special for you...

Thursday 28th: EUROPEAN NIGHT

Get ready the best gastronomy jewels of your region and share them with us! After the big success of Riga's European Night, we want to have another really cool-tural EN with your participation. We hope you have sent to the CWG detailed information on everything you have prepared: videos, songs, perfomances... I heard rumours there is also many surprises proposed! Of course, we invite you to wear your traditional costumes in order to have the most cultural, tasteful and European of the Agora Nights! European Nights will never be the same after 2011!


We know you will be all exhausted after the intensive program... So let us take care of everything for this party. We will make it unforgettable. Just trust in your dear organizers. Do you dare?

Saturday 30th: JUNGLE PARTY

Everybody loves Lia, we know you can help it. But we want you to show your you are a true Lía friend at the wildest party of the Agora. Join the pack, join the pride, be one of us! You will not enter the party without wearing animal print on your clothes, or a t-shirt with animals on it! The Agora T-shirt is an approved outfit, but we encourage you to be original and creative! Show us what is the animal you hide inside and get into the jungle with us!

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