Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet the team: Bene

Jose Miguel Benedicto, a.k.a. Bene is a YAG (Yet Another Geek) in our team.

Originally from Cadiz (not many people knows this fact), he has been one of the most active members of AEGEE Oviedo last years. Despite the fact his studies (specifically his thesis for masters degree) have kept him very busy lately, he decided to be active member again in AEGEE Oviedo as vicepresident and he's, together with Javi[pedia], responsible of the website that you visit so often to look for information about the Agora.

About his personality I can sum it up in two words: Geeky bear

Why geek? 

Well, apart of combing his hair like a Super Saiyan everytime he goes to a party,  <p><b>obviously</b></p>, as a good IT he likes a lot any kind of stupid jokes, like this one: "Yo mama is uglier than Gollum eating a lemon" Same as me! #geeksanonymous, and he was planning to printf("Control the assistance of the %d participants with a bar code system", 842); But the flow of data (among 4815162342 operations per day) was way too much. Say thanks to the FSM he didn't manage to do it, lazy guys! But don't drink grog yet, we'll use a beholder to control those who try to go to the beaches of Tatooine during plennary time!

Why a bear?

Because he's too nice to be true! Still sometimes I can't understand how he can be so peaceful in moments of full stress, and also that nice to everyone that all the people remember him with a smile! That's why all the girls want to hug him, like a teddy bear... but be careful, the bear "bites"!

PD: If you understood the whole post without reading the links, then you are a real geek! :)
PD2: If you need, for a strange reason, to find someone to guide a random Nobel prize and his wife in Madrid, call Bene. He will take care of them!

                             Posted by Juanola (but I totally subscribe every sentence)

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