Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet the team: Jaume

Our team is full of information resources. Apart from Javi[pedia] (with his vast knowledge on AEGEE stuff and his ability to search our organization database to get all details in just seconds), we count with Jaume, and his intensive knowledge on regional culture. From the local festivities to political ins and outs; from the gastronomy of the Alicante region to historical facts; Jaume is a source of useful data, and a very valuable resource for organizing the next Summer University with more content than ever. We could say he is the most truly Alicante guy in our team, as many of us come from Madrid, León, Murcia, Teruel, Coruña, Oviedo,...

His address book is also a useful for organizing stuff in Alicante, as he knows people almost anywhere. You'll discover during the Agora how he has been calling here and there to help the team get many things, for food and also for the Welcome Pack. He is a box of surprises!

But the most impressive thing of Jaume is that he is always available to give a helping hand to anyone who issues a request for help on our Mailing Lists. You can ask the Incoming Team for their opinion, as during the rush times of visas and letters, he spent hours in the office performing the most boring, mechanical tasks. Moreover, he was always in good mood and joking, saying that his work was so stupid that it could be done by a monkey. Now you know where his nickname came from :D   OOooooooOOOook!

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