Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet the team: Chema

Chema is our Treasurer. I don't envy him at all, as he has sometimes to act firmly and appear as the bad guy after putting some good ideas down due to budget constraints. But once you know him you discover that he is not mean at all. In fact, everybody who was in Alicante SU 2010 is aware of how much he loves to spend money in making our participants happy. It is just that he has this obsession with spending only the money that AEGEE-Alicante has... so he cannot make all wishes possible :D

Don't imagine him spending long hours in a dark office chained to excel files and numbers. Chema is another member in our Team that lives far from Alicante. Poor guy, he was exiled to spend a whole year in University of Las Palmas. So whenever I talk to him on the phone, I visualize him with his wifi laptop under a palm tree, with the waves making his toes wet. However,he is usually there when you need him, sometimes he is just sleep as we start work in office quite early and we forgot that there in Canary Island they are 1h behind CET.

Joking aside, Chema is AEGEE-Alicante's own McGyver. His ability with tools and devices and his engineer mind makes him also a very valuable organizer. And finally, he loves getting himself dressed up as Wally Gator.

                      Posted by Miguel

PS: At the moment he has the flag of AEGEE-Las Palmas in his hands. So get readty for some fun in Agora Alicante!

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