Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet the PR Team: Nuria, Roberto, Alicia E.

External PR is key for the success of a project like the Agora. You need to achieve big visibility to give the sponsosrs something back from their investment in the project. This is sometimes not easy, specially when you have a period of big international events that fill the media: Earthquake in Japan, Nuclear Energy debates, War in Lybia... And here we are, something so huge (for us) like the Agora and nobody pays attention to it... Unless you spend time and energy in making your voice heard. Or unless you use alternative means of communication like twitter :)

Luckily, we have now a great team of PR enthusiasts working for the Agora. They are investing time, energy and knowledge on making the Agora not just the biggest event in AEGEE-Alicante, but also a great event for Alicante.

Newspapers like Información will cover the event. Radio (local radio stations and also nationwide emissions) will talk about us. We hopefully will also have cameras from TV programs like España Directo and daily news should come to tell the story of 50 students from Alicante working for 800 Europeans to have the opportunity to discuss and work together to build up a better Europe.


He is not only our lucky PR guy, working in the team with two nice ladies. He is also our main resource for transportation, due to the fact he has access to vans and trucks. But he is not rude as a track driver :) He is always calm and peaceful, except when partying (but at parties, we are all a bit crazy, aren't we?). We just recruited him for Alicante active team in time the Agora, so this is his first event as an organizer...

Alicia E.

Maye you remember her from her own post...


She has just arrived in Alicante after another period of life-experience travel into India. And she came back with high energy and motivation. Maybe we should all go to the paradise island where she spent some weeks, to charge batteries just before the Agora starts (there are pictures from that place, but I won't upload them here, because I don't want to make all you jealous).
She is working intensively with the rest of the team, and now the Agora-PR mailing list is burning!

And these are not all the people in the team. Silvia has been coordinating the team for several months. During the Agora we will have probably live twitting during the streaming, provided by our favourite oldies Juan from AEGEE-Madrid and Vir from AEGEE-Oviedo. I can't think of two more experienced people to narrate what is happening inside the plennaries for the rest of Europe.

Finally, we have the collaboration of our University who supports us also on PR issues publishing our stories on their frontpage and providing us with contacts and names of journalists. Special Thanks to Maria Rosa!

And all the team is collaborating with this blog, thanks god it is not only me writing...

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