Saturday, April 2, 2011

Know Alicante: Santa Cruz y La Ereta

Alicante is home for a secret village inside the city. Not too far from the crowdy shopping streets and the noisy and polluted traffic jams, there is a   place where time seems to have stopped, where houses are withe and blue, flowers and plants are everywhere, and lazy cats sleep on the street under the Mediterranean sun. It is called Barrio de Santa Cruz (Holy Cross Neighbourhood) and it is quite unknown for people in Alicante. It is really amazing to climb the many stairs of this little village, perched on the Benacantill hill right under the Santa Barbara castle, and enjoy the breeze while watching the white boats sailing on Alicante Bay on a Spring Sunday Morning... Nice plan for tomorrow! :D

Also, in perfect combination with the Barrio de Santa Cruz and its out-of-time atmosphere, there is the quite new and modern Parque de la Ereta. Another great viewpoint for the Alicante Bay, it is a meeting point for people doing sport, yoga, or just enjoying the Spring sun. We always make a stop there with our SU, as you can see in the picture taken last year. Well deserved Siesta Time in Parque de la Ereta for our exhausted participants!

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