Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet the team: Pilar Lop

Pilar Lop, Pililop, Pilarín Chin Chin, Pili, Pi,... She has so many names as faces!! But you’ll have to discover one by one!! If you are lucky... :)

Pilar is always proud of her little hamlet “Castelserás”!! She got from it her loud voice (which she uses to remind us that it is only 100 days to buy the Agora Alicante T-Shirt!!). She also inherited the fighter spirit to deal with Iceland volcanoes, Georgian Visas, or her not-so-easy friends, which twist every word that she says only to see her reaction (even by email, because you can easily imagine how much she was shaking her arms while she was answering them!!).

You’ll identify her because of her claps, her supporting whoops of joy to reinforce her ideas and express her (everlasting) excitement. You’ll also identify her on account of her HAPPINESS. Pilar always does her best and you can count on her forever, whatever you need.

By the way, we kindly invite you to join her fans club in Facebook Not every single person has one... Have they???

Pi, don’t hate us so much, we love you and you know it.

                          Posted by Sergio & Pablo & Isa

PS: We have  AEGEE-Zaragoza and she has been the Merchandisong coordinator during these months previous to the Agora. During the Agora she was going to be the cleaning lady :D:D:D:D but now she will be the Dungeon Master.

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