Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last minute threats

I had heard many times that there are always surprises in the last days before Agora, and one week ago I was thinking it was just a legend... and then, the party began!

Changes in the Open Ceremony program: cancellation of the reservation for the Santa Barbara Castle, solved after some runs with papers signed and stamped here and there...

Changes in the Open Ceremony program (part II): "Las Belleas del Foc" (The Fire Beauties) wanted to make their own party on the castle the same day and time we have the Open Ceremony. As they are the institutional representatives of the main festival in Alicante (Hogueras de San Juan, our own version of the Fallas), they had the right to kick us out of the castle. So just some more phone calls, and wait for a very long day... but we also dismantled this danger!

Rain: For three days we have had lots of rain, although to be honest, I cannot say this surprises me at all, since at any AEGEE-Alicante event I have organized we have had some rain. And it should not surprise you because I have told you many times in this same blog! I just wish there is no rain tomorrow during the Study Fair. It seems it will be ok: LINK

Late deliveries: Some of the stuff we need for tomorrow is not here yet... So tomorrow, before the opening ceremony, we will still need to care about deliveries and some more runs up and down.

Fumigation in our Pre-Agora Gym: this morning we had to "evacuate" the High School where we were staying because they had forgotten to tell us that they were going to spray everything with chemicals... so we had just some hours to find a place where we can stay tonight. We did it,we are not sleeping under the stars...

Time for pre-Agora surprises has come to an end. The rest of unexpected problems, will be already part of the Agora! And the team, we are ready to solve them!

              Posted by Miguel

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