Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrating AEGEE's 26th anniversary

AEGEE-Alicante has decided to celebrate the 26th anniversary of AEGEE-Europe in a very special way: after the whole day adjusting timetables for the Agora, we decided to leave the room and look far away from our screens to spend the evening at the opera, and we went to see "Madama Butterfly" (Puccini, 1904) at the new Alicante Auditorium (adda). AEGEE's birthday deserves something unique, so there we went!

For many of us it was the first time in that Auditorium, as it was inaugurated some weeks ago. And also for many of us it was the first opera. This is a bit of what we listened to.

It was a great opportunity to experience some technical details of the venue, as it will be the same location where we will held our Opening Ceremony for the Spring Agora Alicante 2011. We were checking how comfortable the seats are, how good the acoustic qualities are, where to place our assistants... We are still amazed because the impressiveness of the main room, where we will be able to enjoy the words of welcome to the Agora and also a Flamenco show. We still don't know what kind of show, as there are many kinds of Flamenco, but it could be something like this:

I would like to thank Diputación de Alicante (the Alicante province government and administration) for their support allowing us to use the new Auditorium.

                      Posted by Miguel

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