Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet the team: Silvia

Silvia is one of the most enthusiastic members of AEGEE-Alicante, and it is strange the day when she has not written an email proposing something to our antenna. Actively working in our board and in the Agora team, she is always ready to take a responsability... for instance, join the SU team ;) She is a S size girl but her energy seems to have no limits!

Ah, she always gets what she wants. For instance, this is what she did when she applied for SU in Magusa and they left her in the waiting list... Spontaneously created a facebook group and granted herself a place in the SU!

She is the food master of AEGEE-Alicante, with a special touch for sweets. She is the creator of the concept of the Tapas Course and Contest we celebrated during last SU. I saw her cooking a paella for 50 people in a Summer University, at the same time she was teaching the participants how to cook it. She is also the one coming to our meetings with nougat, or ice cream, or any other sweet stuff to help us work with a bigger smile. She is the mind behind the post Agora Cake Recipe. She takes care of people with special diet needs in our events. So, be nice with her or she may put some "powder" in your food... :D

Next food-project: she is preparing an enology session for our SU 2011: ALC Confidential: The director's cut

We have just came from celebrating her birthday. It will be on Wednesday, but as everybody has given her already a present, we also want to join and we expect that this post will show how much we appreciate her!

Posted by Alberto, Pilar, Rakel, Carol and Miguel

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