Friday, April 1, 2011

The otherside

"Once you know you can never go back 
I’ve got to take it on the otherside"

This is part of the song "Otherside" from the Red Hot Chili Peppers (my favourite band so far) and I think it can express very good the feelings of being organizer in an Agora.

I'm not an experienced member in statutory events (only 2 EBMs and 2 Agorae) but in most of them I had to contact either the Chair Team or the Incoming responsible to ask for "small favours":

- "I didn't pay on time because I forgot about it"
- "Can you send me the Agenda of the Agora before it's published?"
- "How can I reach the gym?"
- "How many visitors can go from my Antenna?"
- "Could you distribute these surveys for me?"
- "Where is the prytannium X? (when I had one nice paper where it says that)"
- "Will I get reimbursement if I travel riding a camel?"

Ok ok, the last one is pure fiction, but odder things have happened, don't they? :)

Anyway, I've to admit that I was a Pain In The Ass for the local organizers sometimes... but I couldn't see it, because I was too busy with my small big problem (without thinking they were handling not only me, but up to another 800 more people), instead of being grateful for the amazing work they were doing. It's hard to appreciate it when you haven't done it before...

Now, being on the other side, I've realized how hard is to organise this kind of event, not just in terms of logistics (of course it's hard...), but specially in terms of having everyone happy... It's almost impossible, and from the otherside I wanna say a big THANKS to everyone that once have organised an event where I've participated!!!


PS: I don't pretend that now everyone will be grateful with the organisers (it would be nice, though), but I hope that one day, when you are on the other side, you'll appreciate the great work this team is doing, specially the incoming responsibles: Isa, Javi, Neila, Saioa, Coral, Soraya (and their monkey helpers)!

                                                 Posted by Juanola

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