Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet the team: Isa Sodric

I know Isabel since we were children, and we spent together a lot of summers/moments in our lives. So there is a big amount of things and stories that I could tell about her. But I think that there is no post long enough for it, so...I'll try to sum up in a different way. Read and you will see.

Intelligent. Yes....definetely she is....and she should be to solve all the problems with VISAS!!! She is our Incoming Team Coordinator, so if you have any question or doubt... you know who will be  the person behind!

Smiling. She's always smiling!!! Because she is happy!! She is happy because she is an AEGEE member!

Addicted. I should confess that she has a worrying addiction... addiction on gmail... and facebook!!! When you send her an email, you just have to wait 2 min!!!! 2 min are enough to get an answer. So you can imagine how her mood is whenever she has not internet... :P

Beautiful!!! This letter was so easy.....she is beatiful inside and outside!!!

Energetic. She is able to wake up every participant. And she is always the last person who goes to sleep!!! She has inside the real AEGEE-Spirit

Large. She has a large, long and interesting life!!! And an enormous heart!! She is a person that everybody should meet; and the Spring Agora Alicante 2011 is the best moment to do it!!!

6 letters are not enoght to describe her, I've just realised. So... you'll need to come to the Agora and discover her!!!

                                                                             Post by Pilar Lop ;)


  1. So you want to say that she replies to e-mails faster than I used to? :P

  2. It is "La Isa"
    Lauthing!! You will never stop laugh if you are with her! even in a plenary... :P
    Active!! She always is the biggest animal party!! last going to sleep, and first getting up!! (really, what do you take... :P)

  3. Where is the button for 'I like'??

  4. hahahahahahaha thanks for these nice words ^^ but actually I wouldn't say that I'm so fast answering mails... neither that I'm a party animal... at least not during this last EBM..seriosly, I'm getting older :S (btw...the EBM was great :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Anyway, should I start now writing a post to introduce you to the world, Piiii?


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