Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preparing The Trap II

in one week we will have again the opportunity to meet again and enjoy some great quality time together. Not an LTC, not a normal event. Just a place to strengthen bonds, continue discovering other members of the team and learn a bit more what is an Agora.

The expectatives are high as The Trap I was quite successful, especially in terms of motivation. It also helped a lot to give every member of the team a clear overview of the whole project. We will take also some night time to have great parties, and we will treat extremely well our Guest Organizers who are making the big effort of travelling accross Spain to help us. You guys rock!!

Even better, we will have also time to make the promo video of the Agora for the EBM. This assures we will have a great time all together!

Till now you can enjoy it once again...

What else can you pack in a single weekend? Not much more!

Agora Team

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