Sunday, February 6, 2011

Live from Rue Nestor de Tiere

Dear Agora Followers.

This weekend there is Strategic Planning Meeting for Human Resources of AEGEE, and it is nice to see that, even if busy with Agora Alicante preparations, three people from the Agora Team were able to attend the meeting. Me (Miguel) and Guillermo are there because we belong to AEGEE-Academy Board; Carol, our main coordinator, could not join in Brussels but she has participated through web 2.0 in the redaction of the objectives. She is really good at HR management (she "manages" more than 30 different huma beings), as you may remember from last post she is really a fan for team work.

What I wanted to remark is that I am really happy to feel that everybody is looking forward the Agora Alicante, even if it puts quite some pressure on us... The only reason it is preventing the people to be more enthusiastic, is the proximity of another promising event as EBM Riga 2011 (you can see their latest video here). And I can easily understand it, because I am also waiting for EBM impatiently, I am ready to cross all Europe to participate on discussions. I just know that, once the lights at the last plennary in Riga have faded away, all the focus in AEGEE will be looking at us...

AEGEE-Alicante is more than ready!


PS: Vice Chair got his new present, a ser of real badges... did you already get yours?

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