Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting ready for the Beach Party

After a hard day of workshops and action meetings, it is time to go to our cozy gym, take out of our luggage our swimsuits and flipflops, honolulu collars and say "Aloha" and an early welcome to the Summer in this Friday's Night party organized by the team of EBM. I am a bit concerned about the temperature in the club, as it is still something like -15ºC outside, but the warmth of the Riga organizers and the unstoppable energy of the participants for sure will make it burn all night. And I heard that Las Palmas helpers are also preparing some surprises...Nothing to fear, I guess :)

I have also an idea to propose to our social programme team: Riga has shown that it is possible a beach party in february in Latvia, why not making an Eskimo party in Alicante? So prepare your wollen socks, your furry coats and your kayaks, and prepare for the ultimate extreme experience next April in Alicante!! Even the Polar bear disguise from AEGEE-Aachen can be reused!

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