Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet the Team: Bego

It is my pleasure to introduce to you someone that has been part of the last years of AEGEE-Alicante history, and my partner in many adventures in our antenna and European level... Lovely Bego!

We travelled together to our first Agora (with her huge green luggage :D ) and we learned step by step what a prytanium is, how to vote, who was all those people on the stage... Thanks to Saioa for her continuous support, and to the rest of oldies that were there to answer all our questions! That was Agora Napoli... Later they came shared experiences at Eskisehir, Ljubljana, Istanbul...

When I was president she was my saviour in many situations; I tried to be the same when it was her time in the presidency. In those two terms, we settled the ground for the future growth of AEGEE-Alicante that finally allowed our antenna to accept the challenge of this project of Spring Agora Alicante 2011. We started with a Youth in Action Exchange, where we learned a huge lot! (BTW, as in every AEGEE-Alicante event, it rained. A lot. So don't bring swimsuits to Agora Alicante, but be ready to take shelter in the plennary room and enjoy contentful sessions). After, it came a NWM in Moraira, and the retake of the yearly SU with a TSU with Valencia and Castelló...

In European level, she helped to develop the Flagship Project Sustaining our Future, although later she could not contribute as much as she would have liked to. She had to step a bit off AEGEE for a couple of years, due to studies and personal life, just to come back when she was needed to join Agora team and become the manager during 6 months; at the moment she is our vice-coordinator. 

She is married since last December 4th - and it is not a secret, she was the most beautiful bride ever! (you will meet her husband soon, he will have his own entry as they are both involved in the Agora).

PS: She is like Amelie but with a stronger character... and she cannot row in straight line :D


  1. Thank you Miguel for this lovely introduction!! ;)
    It has been my privilege discovering AEGEE (and getting more and more involved)with you!!



  2. This article made me smile so much :) Many nice memories came back...huge rain shower and dancing in the rain in exchange in Alicante:) Running to find the shelter in SU 2009 when again it started to rain like hell out of nothing in Calpe :) And ofc, smiling times after Agora Ljubljana, when Bego was rowing in circles in Bled's lake :))) And one and only, unforgettable moment when I found out just before NY 2010 that our dear Bego will get married :) Ayyy good old times! And hope to be so lucky to make new memories in Agora Alicante with you guys! Miss you so so much!!! Besitos***


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