Monday, February 14, 2011

I read "Agora Alicante: Open call for organizers and helpers"

That was the subject of the email sent to La nave (The starcraft - the mailing list for the Portuguese and Spanish antennae)…
Our antennae have been always notable for the close relationship we have. From Coruña to Alicante, from Porto to Las Palmas, from Granada to Barcelona… Everytime we have one event, doesn’t matter where are you from, you just go and help if needed (at the same time you are having fun of course…)
So when I read this email I didn’t hesitate for a second, I just replied that I wanted to help them as much as I could. And to be honest, I was kinda busy with other AEGEE stuff… but c’mon! It’s an Agora! How many opportunities like this do you have?
I knew few people from AEGEE Alicante and I was afraid they were not enough to organize an Agora…. Furthermore, most of them were new members (to the point they didn’t even know what is a “delegate” or an “envoy”)
But my opinion changed a lot when I went to “La encerrona - The Trap”. I met most of them for the first time and it was awesome….
You can’t imagine how excited they are to organize next Agora. Even if they don’t have the experience, even if they are newbies in AEGEE, even if most of them study hard or work… they give the best of themselves to organize an Agora for people they don’t even know… for an organization they’ve just joined and yet can’t understand really good…
Although, the best of it, was the group spirit I felt over there… In one day I felt like a team member, like if I’ve alwaysbeen a member of AEGEE Alicante. That’s why I have the feeling this Agora it’s gonna be outstanding! Because whatever happen, there is a marvellous group of people working for it!
Believe me ;)
PS: yes, we also worked hard during The Trap weekend... but those pictures of us working are boring, and with these ones you can touch the Team Spirit...

                                            Post by Juanola

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  1. Soon we will have THE TRAP II now with more external organizers... it is gonna be supercool!


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