Sunday, April 24, 2011

Streaming and IT people

This Agora will have, if computer goblins don't mess up with it, a streaming service for the whole network to see what is happening in the plenary room. I know this decission will make happy many people in Europe, and specially our president Manos and the Secretary of the Agora, Bea, who will also have a copy of the video to better make the minutes.

The exact link to the website will be announced in and it will allow direct participation via one of the popular social networks (to be decided which one). And there will be also some experienced AEGEE-people from our team with the main task of transmitting the special atmosphere to those of you who could not join us in Alicante, sending real time updates from the plenary room.

How is this possible? We have the support of University of Alicante and also a great team of people in charge of the IT department. Apart from Javi, Juanola, Antonio and Bene, they are:


He has been in charge of coordinating the team from the quiet city of Pavía, in Italy, where he is spending an unforgettable Erasmus year. He has even become Erasmus Responsible in AEGEE-Pavia! He will also be the Gym DJ, and he has already starting to collect music and sort it out according to different purposes: tender wake ups, hard core wake ups, dressing up for parties... He may give us also a surprise during the European Night.
He will hate me for finally writing a post about him, but he deserves it!


One of the fresh faces in our team, and directly coming from Murcia, he has been in charge of agreeing with the University of Alicante everything related to the video streaming and the wifi network that will be available during the Agora. One thing we have learned in this Agora: you never have too many IT guys in your team :) Moreover, he's always smiling and brings tons of positive energy into the team. He will always be around to solve any problem


Another of the Murcia guys, he is always ready to be an organizer in AEGEE-Alicante's Summer University. Apart from supporting everyone else on the team, his speciality is the Spanish language course; our participants never have enough of  it, and sometimes he has had to prepare an extra session in record time to make them happy. If you attend the Spanish course on the Opening Day (Wednesday 27th) you may learn the basic secrets of our language in less than one hour.

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Ah, FYI it is raining already in Alicante for 3 days... See the forecast here.

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