Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet the team: Alicia E.

Somebody mentioned in our organizer's Mailing List that it was time for posting something about Alicia, one of the last members in joining our A-Team. And of course, I volunteered.

I have to admit that we don't really know each other for really long. But, as you all have experienced any time, just one AEGEE event is enough
to become attached to a person and grow a good friendship. And that's what happened between Alicia and me!!

We spent a whole week during one event organized by AEGEE-Wien a couple of months ago. Since then, we have kept contact more than often... almost daily! Sometimes just to say "Buenas noches".

This month is her first anniversary being member of AEGEE. In these 12 months she has attended a couple of events, and when she knew what an Agora is, and she realized that the next one is going to be in Alicante, she decided to give up everything and help the team as much as she can!!

She has become a very valuable organizer with lots of important achivements. Her last step has been spending a week in a hotel resort in Mexico just to get enough energy for our lasts weeks, before the show begins!! We are really proud of her bravery. And personally, I miss her a lot!

My advice for you, Spring Agora participant, is that you really need to be nice with her, because she will be one of the responsibles of waking you up each morning at the gym. And as I know, they are arranging a list of punishments for the lasts ones! And she looks really nice at first sight but... you don't really want to know how evil she can behave!

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Update: Alicia is missing
We don't really know where is Alicia right now. There has been already a couple of days without getting any posts on Facebook about how amazing is spending the whole day among turtles, dophins and cocktails. The A-team is really worried (never jelous) about her situation and we wish to hear soon from her.

The last time some of us saw her she was wearing a blue bikini and a "piña colada" in her hand. Please, if you know anything about her, please comment on this post. We are worried she has been kidnapped in a revenge action from an angry antenna after stealing their flag.

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