Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet the team: Lorena

When you think about a “Spanish Girl”, how do you imagine her?

Dark skinned
Long, dark and curly hair
Big black eyes
Dancing and singing in every single moment have Lorena in your mind! She is our Logistics coordinator.

Even if it seems like she’s the typical spanish stereotype externally, she is definitely not in the content. You will discover it during the Spring Agora Alicante... She doesn’t like the typical music everybody does. Actually, instead of Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, her favourite singers are Rocío Jurado, Rocío Durcal and Lola Flores like our grandparents did!

Althought she moves her hips when modern songs are played in a pub too. And how she moves them! She is locally known as the Shakira from AEGEE-Alicante.
We’ve just met her some months ago, but we connect since the very first momment. We are fond of the same things, we have the same way to work (always in the best mood) and we love singing and dancing the same silly songs! In the big world of silly songs, the ones that we love the most are “Charanga”!

She has been lobbying to use this energetic songs for the waking up of the participants in the gym!

She's always smiling, not just because she is one of the most amusing and cheerful persons of the team, but also because she loves jokes. She's actually the greatest joke-teller ever, so if you are bored at any moment during the Ágora (althought we doubt it...), you already know who is the right person to make you have a good time. Actually, these long hours at the office in front of the computer in the pre-agora days would have been  much more boring without her.
When you meet her at  the Agora, you may think you had seen her somewhere before... and in fact, yes, you did! Lorena has been one of the actress of all the promotional videos of the Agora and she is the female model of the official Spring Agora Alicante t-shirt, as well.

Get yours (your tshirt, not your Lorena) at and be sure you'll get yours at the same time than you save 1€

And please, please, please, don't forget this. When she is hungry... give her something to eat! Because she can become very dangerous in that situation. She gets angry when she's hungry! hahahahahaha

              Post by Isabel Sodric aka Isabel Pantoja & Pilar Lop aka Carmen Sevilla.

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