Friday, April 8, 2011

Leopard Fashion

One thing I love from AEGEE members is that we are a box of surprises. We have always many interests, hobbies and likes, apart from travelling and making friends all over Europe. And this is really enriching. For instance, not many people would suspect that one of the members from AEGEE-León, apart from Environmental Engineer and Spanish Language teacher in Voronezh, is behind one of the most popular and influential fashion blogs in Spain: Single and Fabulous. She has decided to write a post on her blog about Agora Alicante, paying tribute to Lía linked with the most remarkable trend of the past years: the leopard print invasion of catwalks and boutiques. And of course, of magazine front pages:

So, would you miss the opportunity to get yourself the Official Tshirt of the Agora?

(if due to copyright limitations in your country, you cannot see the previous video,
see the no-music version of the video below and sing your favourite song!)

The price of this wonderful T-shirt will be 7 euros at the Agora...but if you buy it now it will be just 6 euros, and you can be sure that you'll have one!!!! This is a limited edition!

Bueno, Bonito y Barato!!!! (Good, Nice and Cheap)

Now that we have convinced you, don't be selfish and think on your boyfriend/girlfriend, or for those members of your antenna that finally could not attend the Agora. Give him. her or them a nice surprise with the Agora T-shirt!

How can you buy the T-shirt?
Follow the instructions on

You can pay by Credit Card using the same system than for confirming Agora Applications.
In the unlikely case you have problems with the payment, please contact

PS: if you want to know more about our nice model Lorena, stay tuned to this blog!

                               Posted by Miguel

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