Friday, April 22, 2011

Paint the Agora in Green

Dear Agora Friends:

Agora Alicante has the aim to be as GREEN as possible. Not only because of Lía and the Jungle Party (see the updated party program here); Inside the organising team we wanted to make an effort and prove that it is possible and easy to take the environment into account when organising an AEGEE event. And no better event to make the message arrive to all members, than having a Sustainable Agora. Does it mean that it will be a perfect event with zero impact on the environment? Of course not, setting such an objective would have been unrealistic. But you will see during Agora Alicante there will be many details that will contribute to the general reduction of the impact, and maybe we inspire you for your Summer University or any other event you are organising.

Recycling Mobile Phones.

We all have old mobile phones in some drawer at home, like if they are in a cemetery. Why do we humans have such behaviour? Scientist have not found an answer yet... but I have one! You were all keeping them to contribute to Agora Alicante. We will install at the check-in desks a container for collecting your old mobile phones, and in exchange you will get a reward... A Spanish shot and a kiss from your favourite organizer. With your collaboration, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will get support from each phone collected, and the oldmobile phones will be repaired and reused, or dismantled to recycle its components. So bring yours! No problem if they do not work anymore, we can give them a use!

Plastic glasses and bottles

Disposable plastic glasses and dishes have been banned from our shopping lists. They are a waste of petrol and much less sustainable than cardboard glasses or reusable glasses... Same for the plastic bottles of less than 5 liters. We are getting strong muscles after carrying more than 1500 liters of water yesterday to our headquarter!

Separated waste disposal

University of Alicante has a strict policy on separating waste for recycling. We will follow this policy and we will have whenever possible different bins for your waste. But remember, the most sustainable waste is the one that is not produced. So we will make an effort to reduce the bags and boxes, buying king-size packages for food.

Other details

Walking buses for the parties (10 min walking from the University to the party. I promise. The way back may take much longer, depending on how much fun you had) :D 2 workshops will be related to Environment. Welcome pack with surprises. SFM paper (Sustainable Fortestry Management). And more...

Map of antennae organising EDE 2011
And why do I send this post today? Because April 22nd is Earth Day. April 22nd is the starting point of the 2011 edition of the European Day of Environment organized by Environmental WG. Agora Alicante is the contribution of AEGEE-Alicante to EDE. Why not putting your antenna on the map with a small action rom today till June 5th, World Environment Day. And April 22nd is the last day I have almost free before The Big Trap, the pre-Agora intensive meeting.

Posted by Miguel

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