Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plan your day with some Time for Chaos

Update on current tasks in Agora Organizing Team

* Answer emails (mostly incoming): because some of you hare real peculiar questions... :D
* Confirm Sponsorships: surprises, surprises...
* Coordinate Study Fair: universities, companies, etc.
* Prepare the official tshirts for the Agora: stay tuned!
* PR&Communication: Visibility for Agora + AEGEE
* Decide topics for parties: we have too many ideas!
* Negotiate Lunch & Dinner: food is really important!
* Prepare Welcome Packs
* Draw maps and "How to"s
* Have a beer together to strengthen team bonds
* Meet University representatives: bureacracy is a must!
* Constant communication with Chair & CD: or at least we try...
* And many more...

And we try to be also ready to deal with unexpected stuff... The so-called Time for Chaos!

Written by Miguel

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