Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet the team: Coral

I want you to meet someone. It's a girl who, as a joke, always says she's "the transparent girl", because she passes unnoticed between the noise and the racket of their friends. But actually, it's exactly the opposite, because she's the person you'd ALWAYS miss in any event if she was not there.

I'm proud to introduce you Coral (Cori, Dory, Oralita or Cori-Miri for their friends), a girl so charming that people use to say "Come on, you're like Coral, everyone likes you". Nice, beatiful, kind, lovely (and lover of vodka-coke), she is one of the most tireless workers in the AEGEE world. Her summers are like an eternal Summer University, where she works helping one antenna after another (Santander, Leon, Alicante...); but she always keeps her agenda free for being the "best organizer" in the SU of Madrid.

And now for sure you'll be thinking ... Does everyone like Coral? The answer is YES, because she's able to convoke up to 70 persons together for her birthday, and in the meanwhile, organize an unforgettable event! I can't believe how she's able to manage up to 1500 "live" friends in facebook and at the same time, knowing every new person in AEGEE Europe.

Haven't you met Coral yet? Then you haven't gone to enough AEGEE events, and you miss the person who is the perfect definition of "friendship".

       Written by Antonio

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