Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amistad means friendship in Spanish

There is magic in the air when you are in an Agora or EBM: the so-called AEGEE Spirit.

You don't know how it started, maybe you don't even remember all the names, you may not remember what did you speak about, but the truth is, in a statutory event you can make friends as easy as breathing is.

When you go for the first time to an Agora, with around 800 people, it's almost impossible to know more than 10 people (the ones from your local, and maybe some friends from a SU...). But from the very first moment you'll start meeting people. Non stop. And it doesn't matter if you don't remember all of them, somehow they will remember you and will add you in facebook... (the quantity of friends in FB raise amazingly right after these kind of events).

This is the first step of the relationship.... later on you'll keep in touch with short messages in the wall, maybe you'll see some emails from him/her and you'll reply them, and from that point, don't know how, you are friends forever... You'll start checking for them in the list of accepted members of next Agora, or plan to join an event together.

Call it coincidence, call it magic, call it friend's need, call it AEGEE Spirit... but in the next meeting you'll find yourself hugging this person as you never hugged someone before, keeping a place in the gym for him/her, wishing to speak for hours again with him/her...

It's an honor that Alicante will be known as the place where strong friendships started with a "Hi, I'm from AEGEE-XXXX, what's your name?"

Posted by Juanola

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