Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alicante - Skopje - Izmir - Enschede

We have finally the list of organizers of statutory events for the next whole year. Roadmap: Alicante to Skopje to Izmir to Enschede! Sounds like a very nice itinerary, some places I already know, some other will be new for me... all of them have already organized an Agora before, so for sure they have experience and knowledge in their archives

 It is inspiring for us to see that, beyond our work, there are other teams that are now following our steps, the same way we did in Krakow, Leiden, Amsterdam and Riga. I can imagine my friends from those antennae feeling the same thrill, minds boiling with ideas,stress levels still low... We want here to offer you all our help, as much as possible. Please understant that, before and during the Agora your questions may not be on our priority list even if we'll try to answer them as soon as possible. After the Agora, you can count on us for the Knowledge Transfer.

Maybe we can even organize a meeting the day after the agora with representatives from all these antennae, I wonder what the main coordinator will think about this idea... And you?

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