Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yellow means help

Dear Agora followers

We have our first Agora Organizers official clothing! This time is just a sweater, that you can see in the picture aside. Isn't Lía looking amazing there so close to our hearts?

Not to mention, how nice our team is and how smiling we were after 3h meeting! We are really excited to see that Agora is almost here, and our motivation keeps growing every day!

Language of colours is widespread in nature. Yellow is used in nature for warning and it is a colour that is seen from far away. That's the reason we have chosen for our organizing team, so you can find us at a glance whenever you need us. Therefore, we recommend any participant not to wear a bright yellow shirt, because you risk of being asked many time questions like:

- Where are the toilets? (with small jumps)
- Where is that thrilling budget workshop happening?
- At what time does the dinner start?
- Where can I buy umbrellas?
And for sure many more...

PS: Don't worry, the official T-shirt of the Agora will not be too different, so you'll also have the opportunity to take Lía home...

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