Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet the team: Neila

Neila has been part of AEGEE-Alicante since the very beginning. She was already in the board when I joined AEGEE-Alicante, and after some years she kindly proposed me to become a board member. How could I say no? :)

She stayed since then in a background position forever after, as an advisory member of the board. And from there, she reminded deadlines, gave useful contacts, joined meetings with her ideas or helped organizing the first events of the new generations. It was like having a guardian angel always having an eye on us.

A guardian angel with quite an strong character :D

She has also been always very eager to host many AEGEE travellers at her place, before and after our events, and her guests are always pleased because she is a great cook with a legendary ability for Sushi, as far as I have heard :D

And when the Agora became AEGEE-Alicante greatest challenge, she came back and has contributed to the project in more ways than can be imagined, some tasks more rewarding, some other tasks a bit more unpleasant. Thank you Neila!

She is really an AEGEE Addict. She may deny it, but don't believe her.

                         Wrote by Miguel

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