Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Testing: Social media integration

Hello Agora Fans!

One of the best things of AEGEE is that you have great opportunities for learn-by-doing. Nowadays I am playing a lot with this blog, it is my favourite toy! So I try to improve it, make it nicer, more complete, more interactive. Thanks to this self-initiative, and being lucky I have some free time due to my lack of sleep, I have learned how to use Twitter (follow us with the tag #AgoraAlicante and account @AEGEEAlicante), developped a lot my blogging skills, learned about the badges (Thanks Guille!) and enjoyed many moments of Eureka!

So now I am learning how to include in my posts one widget - oh, I forgot to mention how many new words I have learned :) - that should enable a connection between the posts and FB, so comments will be easier to be made and once written in the blog will appear on facebook profiles.

So,let's give it a try... Help me checking if it works, by leaving a nice comment!

    Posted by Miguel Gallardo

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