Friday, March 25, 2011

Know Alicante: New Terminal in our airport

Dear Agora participants and friends

Finally,yesterday we inaugurated the new terminal of Alicante airport. It will increase the capacity of the airport from 9 millions of passengers nowadays till 20 millions. You'll have the opportunity to see it almost new, as you will arrive in one month more or less (Oh, my Dog!). You'll have to share the terminal with the usual mix of british hordes coming to Benidorm for a bachelor party (male and female hordes, don't miss the picture here), old people from scandinavian citizens and also some german grannies, Erasmus students, and the regular mix.

We have already done a Case Study Trip there, to analyze the new routes adn update all the arrival information; even better, some of our team members participated in the technical tests as "passengers" to test all information panels, baggage systems and other details. So we know every corner of the airport... but better don't get lost!

Here, a detail of the roof, its most distinctive architecture feature.

And here a video, where you can see the airport and some other features of Alicante. Unfortunately, they did not want to include the Agora. Ah, of course it is in Spanish with no subtitles...

                      Posted by Miguel

PS: Ah! It is not only bigger,but aso they announce that it has many environmental advantages, so this also comes according to the Agora Alicante, the greenest Agora ever!

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