Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet the team: Belen

Belen… Belen who?!

Ok, I think that I will NEVER forget the moment when I met that person. It was EBM Krakow, first night in the club, where we didn’t hear each other names. I just remembered that forest and that big, honest smile. Day after that we met each other in gym, and then I heard that her name is Belen. After that we had 5 hours long, such an crazy conversation, where I figure out: this person will be my friend. And yes – I forgot her name 3 minutes after meeting.

Everybody knows Belen. She is very simple for recognizing. Huge forest on her head, smile on her face, “WTF” in every second sentence, unique laugh… That are only a few things which make her recognizable. She is one of sing of AEGEE Alicante.

Belen is real animator for people around her. She always has great, creative ideas, which can make you breathless. She will wake up in the morning, go to workshops, be completely serious, and then she will be the last person which will left the party. Friendly, open-minded and amazing – are definitely three words which can describe her.

Whatever you do, she will never judge you.
With her you will always have fun till crying of laugh.
With her you can dance till the sun light.
With her you cannot win at a competition in “using bed words”
With her you will never get bored.
With her you can talk 24 hours and you will still have subjects to talk.

So for sure, during the Agora, look for this person, and you will not make a mistake, because after that you will not want only be one of her 2000 facebook friends. Because everything is MORE with her. :)

And for the end, if I may… khm… ok: I said Moreno, Moreno, Moreno, I give you my love… :)

p.s. One thing which you probably don’t know about Belen, is that her last name is not Suster, it’s Moreno Hurtado.
p.p.s. Huge thanks to Juanola, who gave me idea and opportunity for this :)

                   Written by Anchy from AEGEE-Beograd
And me? Well, I am member since april 2008, and for me, Belen is one of the best things which happened to me during the last 3 years in AEGEE. And it is such an pleasure to write this about person which is crazy almost like me.

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