Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet the team: Guille G.Tabares

I had my doubts on how to title this post. It could have been Guille-Bilbao (the antenna which he founded) or Guille-Barcelona, the antenna he is now a member and which he has helped so much. Or could be Guille-Academy... or even Guille-CD candidate! Because if one thing is fir sure, is that Guille has multiple personality and AEGEE-Spirit running in his veins, and he cannot stop joining activities.

I know him for many years and I have had the opportunity to share with him many hours of work, many hours of parties, many hours of long distance discussions on skype, facebook. We also share some musical tastes (see this video for a sample), LOST addiction and a special kind of humour :D And we love languages (but he wins).

With him, you better don't expect anything, because he's the best at susprising everybody around, with unpredictable jokes, inspiring ideas or a funny moustache! And when he is in full party-mode... You'd better be aware he can be like a typhoon!

He also became part of Agora Team and he has contributed with help mostly with translation of the website. I cannot wait to meet him again, now in Alicante. I know he will be busy as hell during the Agora with many obligations, but knowing he will be around will be enough to boost everybody's motivation.

            Posted by Miguel

PS: Watching his pictures, I just discovered we also share an addiction for hats :)

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