Sunday, March 6, 2011

AGORA CAKE RECIPE - Ingredients for 800 people.

As we said, we don't just want Spring Agora Alicante to be the greatest Agora ever, but also the sweetest!

FOR THE BASE (without that ... we would have nothing!).
Take a cast of University Gym and cover it with an approved canvas.
40 organizers are mixed with 2 packages of will to work, 5 packets of sugar to provide us with sweetness, and add a couple of eggs; mash until a uniform and common basis in formed. Leave to maceration for a few weekends in the trap, and if possible add just a few squirts of alcohol.
After 12 months it is ready.

FOR THE CREAM (fundamental part of the Agora Cake)
Prepare a mix of 800 cool participants, with a top quality appellation Chair Team and a CD with the "Grown in Brussels" Certificate, and bring to boil in a specific pot for workshops, plenary and Prytania.
Remove from heat and stir vigorously for 4 days.
This mix can be sprinkled with a typical Spanish products such as ice cream, chocolates, sobaos and custards; selecting the proportion according to personal preferences.

This is a very important part of the cake, despite being the thinner; is the most vivd memory people will keep of this wonderful Agora cake. So, take a spray of compressed party and cover completely for 4 nights (taking care to let it rest from time to time, to avoid the risk of overheating and the appearance of the undesirable bitter hangover taste).
Sprinkle with the Quantum Satis dose of good cheer and joy.

To top it off, do not forget to add freshly picked cherries from the tree of pride in a well-done job ;)
Serve in the right portions; it is probably a taste that your guests will never try again and will remain in their mouths and minds forever.

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