Monday, May 9, 2011

Agora Achievements

During this Agora WE have achieved may things. I mean WE in broadest sense, AEGEE as an organization. We have managed to finish plenaries on time (thanks Chair ;) and we have achieved to elect very competent people for the commisions. We have approved the Interim Activity Report of our Comité Directeur and other bodies also presented their Activity Reports. We have chosen a Flagship Topic, that over the summer will be developed and become our Flagship Project for 2012-13.

We also have managed to plant the seed for new iniciatives that we will see grow in next future. This is what happens when we manage to gather together hundreds of motivated membersin the same spot. We therefore look forward to see the results of Agora Alicante on mid and long term, and when we see the results of this or that project in one year, we will proudly again say to ourselves, that we contributed somehow to it from our role as organizers.

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