Thursday, May 12, 2011

The yellow spirit

Couple of days ago, I received one email from one friend in the European level, where she just commented that she wished AEGEE-Alicante (and all our external collaborators whose contribution has been the most valuable help we could ever think about) can keep the Yellow Spirit.

This words really touched me deep, as she had given name to something we all in the organizing team had already felt. The feeling we all shared once you had left, a mix of satisfaction for the well-done work and the bonds that were created before and during the Agora will remain there, as a reminder of the big project we carried out. This Yellow Spirit will continue, hopefully it can become a trademark of AEGEE-Alicante projects in the future.

As with many other things in this Agora, the Yellow Spirit is something that can be credited to all the team, but specially to our main coordinator Carol (and her predecessor Bego), because from the moment they started to lead the team, they focused in the TEAM. They invested lots of workin hours in our preparatory events (a series of weekend meetings that you may have read about before in the blog, THE TRAPs) where we updated each other on the work of the subteams, but we did also many team building activities like games, cooking together, filming videos... It has been this time spent together which worked as cement to transform a bunch of amazing people into one team.

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